School Closed for Summer

Our school is closed for the summer. The school office will re-open on August 19th to prepare for the new school year. The first day of classes will be September 1st!

For registration information, please check out the Registration page on the Northern Lights Public Schools website.


Welcome to Wandering River School!

Welcome to Wandering River School, home of the Panthers. We are a small rural school located in the Hamlet of Wandering River, midway between Edmonton and Fort McMurray.  We would like to welcome you to our Kindergarten to Grade 6 School.

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Principal's Message

 My name is Dan Coonan I teach gr.4-6 and am the Principal of Wandering River School. I am extremely excited to start the new school year for a number of reasons. Since we have such a low pupil/teacher ratio Wandering  River School offers unique learning opportunities for the students. The "family like" atmoshere is a model for inclusion and  safe and caring schools.  

 Presently at Wandering River School we have two classrooms : a  Kindergarten to grade three class,and a grade four to six class. In addition to modern computers in the classrooms and computer lab, every classroom has a smartboard. Students are given every opportunity to access technology throughout the day. The school houses a well stocked library with a wealth of infomation and entertainment that provides access to both students and the entire community. We are fortunate to have a science lab and also a math resource room. In addition to this we have a variety of resources to offer in music and physical education. At various times of the year we bring in special presentations to the school.

Our small class size easily allows the students of Wandering River School to participate in many learning activties outside of the classroom as well.  We offer our students a variety of field-trips throughout the year to enhance their learning experiences.

Wandering River School is a small rural school that works on a multi-age concept. Multi-age classrooms have the advantage of allowing students to progress at their own rate without fear of humiliation. Students working below their grade level are easily modified for and students working above their level have access to more challenging work.

Research states that “small school students benefit from closer ties with teachers.” It’s not that teachers in big schools have less generous souls, they simply cannot get to know a large number of students as well as a teacher in a smaller school. If teachers are to act on their best instincts, they need an environment that fosters closeness.  In Wandering River School we are able to get to know all of the students whether we teach them directly or not. On the playground no child goes without a name, they are not simply a face in the crowd they are individuals. Knowing they are cared for makes teaching and learning much easier.

I look forward to continue working with the staff, students, parents and the whole community.

Dan Coonan