School Closed for Summer

Our school is closed for the summer. The school office will re-open on August 19th to prepare for the new school year. The first day of classes will be September 1st!

For registration information, please check out the Registration page on the Northern Lights Public Schools website.

Grades 4-6

Grades 4 to 6

2020 Grade 4 - 6 School Supply List


• 1 water bottle

• 10 pencils – sharpened

• 1 pencil sharpener

• 1 pencil box

• 1 pkg. of pencil crayons (sharpened)

• 1 pkg. Mr. Sketch markers

• 5 erasers

• 1 ruler

• 4 glue sticks

• 1 pair of scissors

• 4 coil scribblers (for spelling, home reading, math, and reading comp.)

• 1 folder with pockets (to store completed assignments in)

• 1 duo tang (for novel study)

• 1 pair non-marking running shoes (these can be used for their inside shoes as well)      

• 1 old shirt for painting

1 set of headphones


Please label and send all extra supplies on the first day of school. The supplies are collected and put in a Ziploc bag, with their names for when they need more.